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Click each image to download a high resolution pdf of each of the graphics. Please use these tools to promote your concert, event, or service.

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If you are hosting a concert, the key to success is to promote, promote, promote. Utilizing every available method of communication to get the word out will ensure that your concert is well-publicized and that you have the largest crowd possible. 

When you are promoting a concert, you may have months to plan or you may have weeks or days. Depending on the situation, you can still find a plan to promote your concert effectively, using multiple methods to insure that you have reached the largest number of people with your message. 



Advertising on radio, especially on Christian stations, is crucial for concert promotion. Plan your ad package with the station well in advance, including all necessary details such as date, time, location, and ticket information. Even with short notice, a few days of radio coverage can significantly boost attendance. Many stations offer free community bulletin board announcements, which can be very effective. Ensure your information is complete and consider purchasing commercial airtime for more attention-grabbing ads. Establishing a good relationship with the station can lead to co-sponsorship opportunities, benefiting all parties involved.

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Email marketing is a cost-effective method to promote your concert. Utilize email to send short letters, posters, or brief notices about the event, encouraging recipients to forward them to their networks. This "ripple effect" can significantly expand your reach. Consider sending 2-3 emails at different times leading up to the event, including one on the day of as a reminder. A good rule of thumb is to send emails three weeks prior, then again two weeks and the week of the event.


Utilize social media platforms as a free and effective way to advertise your concert. Post photos of the group, include all event details, and tag relevant individuals to reach a large audience. Social media has become one of the fastest-growing methods to promote events, allowing for multiple promotions leading up to the event, including daily posts and updates. Collaborate with the group to promote the event on their Facebook page at least two to three weeks prior. Consider sponsoring your post for a small fee to reach an even wider audience.

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Utilizing newspaper promotions for concerts can be a powerful marketing strategy to reach a broad audience and drive ticket sales. Newspapers offer a tangible and trusted platform for advertising, allowing concert organizers to create eye-catching ads that highlight key event details such as the date, time, venue, and lineup. In addition to traditional display ads, newspapers often offer editorial features, interviews, and event listings that can generate buzz and interest among readers. Leveraging newspapers' online presence can further amplify the reach of promotions, tapping into digital audiences through targeted ads and sponsored content. By strategically placing ads in newspapers with high circulation and readership among the concert's target audience, organizers can effectively raise awareness, build anticipation, and ultimately boost attendance for their events.


Printed promotion, including signs, posters, postcards, and billboards, plays a crucial role in promoting a Southern Gospel concert. These tangible materials provide a physical presence that can capture the attention of potential attendees in a way that digital advertising often cannot. They are particularly effective in local communities and at venues where the concert will be held, serving as constant reminders of the event. Printed materials also lend a sense of credibility and professionalism to the concert, which can help attract a wider audience. Additionally, these materials can be strategically placed in high-traffic areas to maximize visibility and reach. Overall, printed promotion remains a valuable and impactful tool in the promotion of Southern Gospel concerts.

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Perception is crucial in concert promotion. Clearly state if a love offering will be received, using "received" instead of "taken" for a more positive perception. Greeters at the door can create a welcoming atmosphere, potentially attracting new church members. Provide handouts at events to inform attendees of future concerts, and announce upcoming events during your concert. Use screens in your church to promote events and provide useful information to attendees. Maintain a contact list for regular concert attendees to keep them informed of future events. Have staff ready to assist attendees with seating and other needs. Adapt these strategies to fit your budget and circumstances, focusing on the most effective methods for your audience. Consulting with experienced organizers or booking agencies can also help you plan a successful concert promotion.


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